The changing role of the IT manager

IT managers are facing a variety of issues including managing their staff, adding value to the organisation, and enhancing security and agility.This is why we’ve created an insight into these issues to help your organisation with these common problems.

From experience and talks with many of our customers we know that quite a few IT managers wish there were more hours in a day than just 24. We acknowledge that you’re facing rapid changes both in terms of technology and business, which mean you have to make fast, and sometimes uninformed decisions. Moreover, there is a lot of pressure on your shoulders from the business to innovate and offer flexible services to end-users.

In this guide we explore a number of issues that you, as an IT manager, commonly face, offering insights into possible solutions. We cover topics including:

  • The journey of an IT manager: from money spender to credible business partner
  • What’s the level of your Curiosity Quotient (CQ)?
  • Architecture and tools – from silos to hybrid cloud
  • Key performance indicators – data or customer first?
  • Which skills do we need in the future?
  • How to become a department that says “yes”?
  • The journey from cost centre to business partner
  • Nine recommendations for the IT manager

To read all this information, simply complete the form to download the guide (PDF).

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